David Salinas Assignment

  1. What did David mean by “content is king”?

A. When David said content is king, I believe it means that the only way you will reach the people or the audience is by having relevant information that keeps the readers on your side. Without content it is very easy for your business or blog to lose customers as well as people who are interested. Content is the reason the internet is still striving until today because there is always something innovative, new and creative that propels the internet’s longevity further. Information that people find useful will draw more people to your website as well as create a relationship between the reader and your website where they will constantly return.

2. What about David’s story from growing up in a basement apartment in Queens to becoming a company that embarks on innovation could you relate to and why?

A. I was born in Brooklyn, New York, in 1997. I was raised in one of the worst neighborhoods in Brooklyn. Living in Brownsville you don’t experience much but violence and poverty, but I was fortunate enough to live in one of the rare houses instead of an apartment. School wasn’t the best and you really had to work hard to stand out. The resources provided weren’t what any student would expect, but I made do. Understanding that I didn’t want to be a product of my environment, like David, I worked harder than most to find a way out. I applied to schools outside of my neighborhood just to receive better opportunities. I would wake up at 5:30 AM to get ready to leave the house by 6:30 AM and then take 2 buses to be at school for 8:05 AM everyday. I worked extremely hard to make something of just another black girl from Brownsville, Brooklyn, until now where I am proud to say that I have just graduated high school in June 2015 with 30 college credits and have been able to skip a year of college and be classified as a sophomore. After hearing David’s story, it was amazing to hear about a inner city kid just like me that made something more of himself. It made me realize that my journey has just begun and theres so much more life to conquer. David Salinas is proof that its not where you’re from, its where you’re going that matters.

3. David talked about his mentor, who committed to investing in Digital Surgeons but died before he could follow through. He said the greatest advice he’d ever gotten was from this man—“Fast nickels are better than slow dimes.” What did this mean? How might you relate this to your own life?

A. Fast nickels are better than slow dimes means that one should take all the little experiences and offers that you get now instead of waiting around for that one big opportunity because you might miss something amazing while waiting. I can relate this to my life because after college, the job I want isn’t just going to be handed to me because I have a degree. They want to see experience, so all the fast nickel internships and jobs that I take now could potentially help me later when my slow dime comes about. Take what you can, learn what you can and eventually you’ll be able to make what you want out of life come true.

4. Name two things you learned in this lecture.

A. Two things I learned in this lecture were two new media platforms called, ADARA and Twitch TV. ADARA is a travel intelligence platform that provides brands with data from their partners to connect brand advertising with online shoppers. ADARA has become really popular in the online marketing world, they average five billion annual travel searches and two hundred and fifty annual travel bookings to provide a view of purchasers behaviors. On the other hand is Twitch TV, an online viewing website that allows gamers to watch other famous gamers play their favorite games. There are over one million people broadcasting and fourty-five million people watching each month. Twitch has become an important marketing tool for some brands. Brands can pay people to wear their logo and millions of people will be able to see it. These two new media platforms are really interesting to me because they just show how unique and different the online world is becoming.



Content is King Sources

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Twitch & ADARA Sources

“How Twitch Hooked 45 Million Viewers To Watch 13 Billion Minutes of Gaming A Month” 

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“Phocuswright: New Adara platform provides simple programmatic media buying” 

“New ADARA Magellan Platform Delivers Customer Intelligence to Reach $318 Billion Global Travel Market”

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